Retrocomputing - MIT CADR Lisp Machines

You can find the CADR emulator here.

MIT CADR Lisp Machine Source code

After a long and interesting search I uncovered a set of 9-track tapes which appear to be a snapshot of the MIT CADR Lisp machine source code from around 1980. This is not the final source code and not the last source release I will make. It is, however, the first source release.

Tom Knight and others at MIT helped me secure permission from MIT's Patent office to release the software. I am indebted to him and the others for making this possible.


The extract program is not completely bug free and an occasional file may not have been properly extracted. If a file looks damages feel free to debug the extract program and fix it (and send me a patch).

There will be more releases in the future. There is work underway to recover most of the backup tapes from MIT's AI lab and these have later system sources. Load bands, however, are almost impossible to find.

If you make changes to this software please let me know and send me a copy. I will be happy post changes, comments, diffs, etc.

This software is licensed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Please read the LICENSE file.